Monday, September 28

lbd #4

dress - burda magazine 06/2015, #123

i had a wedding to attend few weeks ago
and had big plans for the dress for event
but in the end, because of work,
i had only few hours to sew a dress
so i chose this simple burda pattern instead
and then made it even more simple by making it in jersey
didn't even managed to finish the dress
as i had to catch a train and go back to excavations
so i left it in the studio, and tea hemmed it for me (thanks, tea!)*
don't let the pics fool you
it's not a dark gray dress, but proper black one
and doesn't actually look like this wrinkly mess
but i guess black is a hard color to photograph
*we share a sewing studio from march
and we spend crazy amount of time there
sewing, chatting, getting wasted, eating sweets
and even brewing our very own beer..
sewing is even more fun when you have a sewing soulmate!

last photo shows a giant cardigan/kimono
that my friend ivana made for me..
how cool is this print?
i feel like wearing one of giger's paintings every time i slip it on

Wednesday, September 16


 some time ago i made a mini swimwear collection,
and then went to spend a month on excavations
and totally forgot about it
(once you're in a hole, hanging out with skeletons,
fashion kind of slips your mind)
so.. here is the collection, modelled by my two lovely friends..
i used modified pattern from burda magazine from the '70s
(don't remember the exact issue
but will look it up if anyone cares to know)