Wednesday, August 31

find.. wash.. rewash.. freeze.. rip.. cut.. sew.. wear

'dress' - vintage skirt worn as a dress
blazer - flea market, altered (a lot)
belt - vintage
wedges - no name

i had something different planned for today's post
then i found this blazer i bought some time ago
poor thing was in horrible shape
when i found it
in nasty pile of one flea market stand 
it was wrinkled insanely 
a bit wet, 'cause it was raining
and had that smell of naphthalene mothballs 
so i washed it
and then froze it overnight
(it does sound a bit crazy, but it works 
if your goal is to get rid of odd smell and mites..
and i'm allergic to dust mites)
and then i forgot all about it
found it this morning
and this amazing color forced me
into few hours of seam ripping
cutting and sewing
i guess teal can force me to do just about anything

Tuesday, August 30

excavation pants, take 2

top - self made
pants - self made
shoes - flea market

this pants supposed to be 
my new excavation 'uniform'
but they were too nice to be ruined in dirt
so, i decided to make a new pair
but.. i forgot that i should use fabric
with some stretch in it
so.. this is quite possibly 
the most uncomfortable pair of pants
in whole universe
but they deserve a post
after all
i spent hours making them

Monday, August 29

belated party guest

dress - self made
flats - zara
clutch - no name

i do like to be a bit late to a party 
to skip the odd part
when peeps are not relaxed yet
and tend to be quiet
but, this is the first time
i know all the booze is gone
so don't you worry, oona
i'm bringing vodka and grapefruit for me
tequila for yourself
and cherry brandy, just in case

Sunday, August 28

dress fairytale

dress - self made
flats - women's secret
bag - vintage, flea market

once upon a time
lived one fat lady
that owned one blue house dress
with all kind of flowers printed on it
fat lady loved her blue dress
if dress tear up a bit
fat lady darn it by hand
then one day
fat lady died
her family piled all of her clotes
(blue house dress included)
by the dumpster
gipsy lady walked by the dumpster
she took all of fat lady's clothes
and the next day tried to sell it on the flea market
that very day
i was walking through the flea market
in order to cheer myself up
i was a bit blue, you know
and there it was
big blue house dress, with all kind of flowers
printed on it
so i took it home
and turned into this blue dress
i saved the pockets 
i saved the buttons
fat lady would be very proud of me
if my blue dress end up by the dumpster after i die
please save it for me
make a lovely blue dress 
for your little girl, or dog.. or doll maybe

Saturday, August 27

hello class.. i'm your new teacher

bow tie shirt - self made
skirt - flea market
flats - zara

these pics were taken
over a month ago
before all the trips
i was pale
and had 6 kg more then i do now
i gonna fade to pale pretty soon
hope evening jogging gonna save me from the rest

Friday, August 26

special places

capris - self made
shirt - newyorker
flats - zara
bag - no name 

couple days of our trip
nikola and i have spent in his hometown
on this very day
we took a walk through the woods
he wanted to show me a very special place
where he and his friends 
had their indian camp
back in their childhood days
very special place it is
i could almost see them
sitting around a camp fire
talking 'bout slaying cowboys
smoking a cigarette someone stole from father
pretending it's a peace pipe


Thursday, August 25

heat geek

dress - self made
belt - calliope
sandals - novecento
bag - no name

what do you do when it's annoyingly hot 
for days?
like, sahara hot
i lock myself in
 pull down the shades
set air conditioner to 24 degrees celsius
and spend my day sewing wool autumn jacket
i also watch bbc documentaries
about nansen's fram expedition
on repeat
yeah, i know
i'm geeky

Wednesday, August 24

to tan or not to tan

dress - self made
shoes - no name
bag - no name

these pictures were taken
right after we got back from the black sea trip
that's why my tan looks this way
and i hate it
i hate tanning 
i happen to like my natural skin tone
that's why i spend all of my beach time
under the parasol
with insane amounts of sunscreen on me
but that somehow never works out

Tuesday, August 23


maxi dress - self made
hat - china town

i always loved jellyfishes 
(or medusas, as we call them here)
they look strange and beautiful 
and move so elegant
like dancing
now, let me tell you something about 
my relationship with living creatures
no matter if i like them or not
they hate me
i end up bitten or burned or hurt in some other way
almost every time
for example
once i woke up with almost 30 different bites 
on my legs and stomach
that wouldn't be so strange
happens to me all the time
but this very time
nikola was in that same bed
and woke up without a single bite
i always wanted to visit africa
if i ever menage to make that dream true
i would probably die of malaria within days
but.. back to jellyfishes
lovely summer day on the beach 
golden sand 
and lovely foaming waves
just a perfect day
then i felt
something burned my neck
and it started to hurt 
so i went out of water
(ok.. i screamed first
and cursed a lot)
then it got worse
my throat started swelling
breathing become harder
and my head felt really weird 
i ended up in er
got two shots 
and was fine within half hour
doctor was drinking beer
so i thought he is the right guy to ask
can i drink when i get out of er
yeah! he said, quite enthusiastic 
so i did

Saturday, August 13


maxi dress - self made
hat - china town
bag - dunno.. i have it forever

i live in, what some people call
third world county
that, i guess, mean
that we are third class of people
dreaming third class dreams 
living three time less important lives 
this year
i left first world holidays to 
more famous first world bloggers
and head to bulgaria
to enjoy third world style
and guess what
we had a blast
sea is still the sea out there
even if it's called 'black '
sand is still sand, warm and soft
only booze cost less