Monday, August 26

boy's shirt

shirt - made by me

in 5 years of sewing
i made only few things for nikola
(some of them i even blogged about
here, here and here)
but i made countless dresses for myself
as well as bunch of tops and skirts and pants
and coats and swimsuits and undergarments
and just about everything
one day it struck me
that maybe i’m selfish
maybe i should make more stuff for others
not just those that pay me for that
but for the people that matter to me the most
for those that are always there, no matter what
for those that never ask me to sew for them
so i made this shirt..
never made a boy’s shirt before
but i guess there is not much difference there
it’s just a shirt, only a bit bigger
and with buttons on a wrong side
kind of liked making it
i guess it feels good being selfless..
now the plan is to find some crazy printed fabrics
and make bunch of boy’s shirts!

Monday, August 19


top - topshop
shorts - self made
sandals - grubin

having my first work free summer in years..
instead of stressing out about lack of job
i decided to do what i missed the most - travel!
nothing fancy, of course
no caribean resorts for me :)
instead i'm spending time with nikola, and family and friends
climbing mountains and swimming 
and generally having a good time
gonna post more about my trip once i'm back
in some 10 days or more..
in the meantime i have few sewing projects i want to share
first of them being these shorts
last time i wore shorts in elementary school 
dunno why i decided to make this pair
but i sure like them
and they are great for hiking 
so great, that i might even make few more pairs