Friday, May 13

cats, lizards and freeclimbers

this is not a fashion post
though i have sooo many outfit photos
from this trip
i gonna show you those
some other day
today i wanna share
some of the great moments we had
and show you few lovely creatures we met
our garden is home to many green lizards
i just love love love them
this little fella was the only one without a tail
and the only one i manage to picture
(out of a dozen we saw)
second day of our trip
we visited some friends
went free climbing
(i chickened out and quietly watched)
and met their lovely pets
(turtle, and cats one and two
cats three and four refused to pose for me)
last picture is moi
not letting hitchhiking bore me
rest of the time
we spent with my grandma
eating variety of nettle pies
and doing lots of dirty jobs 
moving piles of bricks and sand and stone
from one corner of the property to the other
(lovely moments that somehow failed to be photographed)


  1. i love this non swing post. makes me feel like i spent a sunny day in the country.

  2. **sewing, that is. it is very swing-y, especially the hitchhiking.

  3. glad i made you feel that way :) we really had great time in the country, and i wanted to somehow share that with the world