Friday, March 11

year eleven

can't believe it's been 11 years 

since i first created this blog.. 

it's funny, because at the same times it feels like it was yesterday

and like it was eons ago.. if that makes any sense..

but what makes sense nowadays anyways, right


as per usual, i thought i did not sew a lot of stuff

but once i started gathering the photos there was a lot..

my favorites are two boilersuits 

i absolutely love wearing them 

and wouldn't mind having couple more..

b&w one is made in cotton sateen, green is linen

their only downside is that both fabrics are kinda thick

so both boilersuits are too hot to wear during summer

made a lot of dresses, as i tend to do

but only kept the navy one

the rest ended up in my store or i gifted them to friends

(my husband made that bag, isn't she a beaut)

i made one woolen coat

and couple of these light cotton ones with large pockets

and few robes too

tried another vikisews pattern and loved it

made some swimsuits for my store

and i really got into knitting this time..
made two sweaters for the kid, and started working on a third one,
made two sweaters for myself
and also a bunch of beanies and headbands 

but mostly i sewed for my kid
 must have made more than 30 garments for her..
i know it sounds like a lot, but half of it is leggings and shorts
so it wasn't a lot of work..
i find sewing for kids really fun
it's faster, uses less fabric and you can make crazy combos
and use all the colors and textures.. 
plus she's always thrilled no matter what i make

haven't really photographed much of the stuff
or to be more precise i did, but with my phone
and then my phone was stolen a bit over a month ago
and all the photos are lost..
but photos aside, having my phone stolen 
is one of the greatest things that happened to me this year..
i always keep saying i don't have time for this or that
well, turns out i do have the time, i just spend it on the damn phone..
once it was out of my life all of the sudden 
my day was 4-5 hours longer
and i could finally read all the books and watch all the series
go for a walk or sew or knit or cook
or, you know, just relax, i forgot how that feels..
of course, me being me, it didn't turn out too productive
i can't remember when was the last time i sewed anything
but i did watch all 7 seasons of clone wars
and read a huge pile of books and comics
and guess i'll get back to sewing, eventually 

couple travel photos for the end..
and that would be it..
wish i can get back to blogging as i really miss it
gonna give it a try this year
unless i cave in and buy a new phone
(the one i use now is 20 years old and has no internet i love it)



  1. Thanksbfor writing this blog . I love all the stuff you said . Blogging was indeed a good thing people should go back to it....but sadly. I am reading this on my phone i wish i could go back to my computer screen. Somehow. If i can manage ..

    1. thank you for still reading and commenting.. i really wish more people would get back to blogging, nowadays only culinary blogs pop up in my bloglovin, and only couple of sewing blogs

  2. You are so amazingly talented and creative! I have enjoyed seeing all of your makes and little snippets of every day life.

    1. thank you <3 it felt good to make a new blog post after so much time, gonna try doing it more often

  3. Gorgeous makes, great to see so many stylish looks on both you and your lil girl. Love how you use print...... sorry to hear about your phone....I never got a smart phone and stayed using a dumb phone...I miss on having a camera but I feel more connected to my day.

    1. thank you.. i always plan to buy more solid color fabrics and always end up with prints instead :)
      i think i prefer the dumb phone too, definitely makes my life way easier

  4. I check your blog often, and I was delighted to read your yearly blog post today! I also follow you on instagram but when I really got into sewing a decade ago, I read so much blogs and I really enjoyed the time when blogging was big! I was terrible at commenting then, so ironically, I engage more with others now through instagram than I ever did through blogs, but I do miss the long form writing, and reading about details. I can relate to enjoying phone free time! I had a similar experience a few years ago, and I hope one day I can find a good balance with having a phone and not wasting hours on day :)
    wishing you an excellent weekend!