Thursday, November 9

short suit

blazer - burda magazine 08/2012/#137
shorts - burda magazine 10/2010/#111

bought this fabric last fall
0.5m of it, to make these shorts
and i loved it so much, i decided to go back to store and buy more
and make me a matching blazer
and wear that to my birthday party last january
but, as per usual with me, i failed to do that,
so i wore something else to the party
and forgot all about fabric and blazer and everything
but then i got a ticket for
nick cave and the bad seeds concert, for late october
and that 'suit' seemed like a perfect outfit for the occasion..
it's sort of inspired by mr cave,
as he's always wearing a suit,
and the print takes it to another level
instead of just copying his black-suit look
and making me look like i'm wearing a nick cave costume

i made straight size 38
and haven't change a single thing about the pattern
it was an easy one to construct
since there is no real collar or pockets
the only slightly tricky part was an angled seam 
that you can (sort of) see in pics below 

it's a great pattern
and i already have plans to make more blazers from it
as well as a vest version


  1. Brilliant all round!

    And the lines on this blazer are so beautiful! I can see it being made up in so many different fabrications and prints.

    1. thanks.. it has really great lines (that my busy fabric is hiding) so i plan to make color blocked version next, to showcase those lines a bit better

  2. I love your inspiration. My favourite performer. Lucky you. I love the fabric and the blazer has lovely lines. So, how was the show?.. I was just reading this article last night. I saw the next night's show.

    1. thanks! he's my favorite performer too, it really was a mindblowing concert.. although i got a bit frustrated with all the people watching it trough the screens of their phones rather than enjoying the gig.. i really miss the old, pre smartphone days :D

      but the bend was amazing, and that's all that matters

  3. Gurrrrl this is super cool! Spectacular blazer!