Friday, September 15

kimono coat

coat - burda 04/2016, #111

had my eye on this pattern since it was out 
but sewing it in april wasn't making much sense
april can be very hot in belgrade
i'm already thinking about swimwear that time of the year
last fall i've again been thinking of making it
although that never happened 
but i did end up buying this fabric and tracing pattern
so once i finally found the time to sew the coat
it didn't take that much time at all
dunno what the fabric is.. some sort of a blend
probably with some viscose in it.. it's very soft to touch,
 not too thick, but it is rather heavy, 
and while drapes beautifully
 it turned out to be a bit too heavy for this pattern
as front flap now pulls the entire coat down a bit
also, it was a pain in the ass to finish the sides and get a nice look inside
as there are layers and layers of fabric 
in area where the front flap is..
have no idea how burda wants me to finish it
(instructions are a bit confusing)
from the picture in magazine i think they simply overlocked the inside edges 
and stitched them down flat..
i couldn't do that, as it would look silly
since i overlocked the edges using pink thread :)
and you can see the insides when you're wearing the coat unbelted..
so i had to fiddle with it a bit, and i'm not too happy with the result
but it worked (kinda).. sorry there's no picture of that
might come back and add them when i'm feeling less lazy
also.. been thinking of removing the flap
that way the whole thing would hang better
and inside finishing of the left side would look nice and smooth
but if i remove the flap
than it's just a basic bathrobe coat
and the reason i made the coat was the flap
as i really liked how it looks..
so i guess i'll just leave it as is,
or maybe give it another go in lighter fabric

all the complaints aside
i actually do like this coat
and adore the color (that is actually more green irl)..
it's going to be a pretty good alternative to trench coat this fall


  1. I don't remember the style from the magazine at all but I like it! The colour is wonderful on you.

    1. thanks.. it really is a great color for redheads..
      in magazine this coat is black and made in wool crepe, looks pretty elegant

  2. I love seeing other peoples burda they often look way cooler than they did in the magazine! I dont see the magazine that often but I do like seeing makes from it as the patterns seem adaptable enough to put your own stamp on it. the colour and cut of your coat is fabulous

    1. thanks.. i also love seeing other peoples burda makes.. and the best way to do it in my opinion is to look for them at russian burda site, it's well organized, and those russian ladies sew a lot.. it helps to see what a garment looks sewed up before i start sewing it myself

  3. I adore this. That flap is too cool-- if the droop bothers you too much...could you attach a small piece of chain, or something, to the upper tip & neck edge, as support? I could see you rocking the hell out of that.

    1. hm, that's an interesting idea! might have to explore it a bit

  4. Fabulous shape, and a great colour.

  5. Nice work! I think pink threads can be nice with this color combination, I have made woolen dress in this color with bright pink lining and it looks cool.

    1. i think pink would work if it's lining, or at least bias bound edge.. but, since it's only threads, it looks kinda unfinished, so i had to try hiding it.. if i make the coat again, i guess i'll use some thin bias cut strip in contrasting color to bound the edge instead of just serging it