Monday, December 5

the blazer story

wool dress - thrifted, refashioned 
blazer - mom's, from late 70's
heels - newyorker 

more then thirty years ago
my mother left her hometown in dalmatia
and came to belgrade to study defectology
at her freshman year
she found a part time job
and from her first salary
she bought this blazer
she remember that day surprisingly well
she knows what the weather was like
(a bit rainy like today)
how she felt
(excited, with teary eyes)
where she bought it
(now there is a cafe at this spot)
she even remember a lady working in the store
(one that had blue eyes and wore lilac blouse)
thank you mom
for sharing your blazer story with me
and thank you for letting me have your precious blazer
i promise to love and cherish it
for thirty years to come