Friday, April 13

newest obsessions

skirt - vintage
blouse - thrifted
blazer - gap, thrifted
heels - newyorker 
bow brooch - self made

screamin' jay hawkins.. 
i'm insanely obsessed with him
good ol' jay has put a spell on me
and i don't want it removed
blazers.. i want them in all colors
and all cuts
and all shapes 
and all sizes 
stinky cheese 
any type of it
the stinkier the better
i want it for breakfast lunch dinner
and for snack too
ideal day:
i have pecorino and rocket salad for breakfast
blue cheese and some ripe goat cheese for lunch
with focaccia and wine 
some grilled cheese for dinner
or maybe czech stinky cheese and beer
maybe even a damn cheesecake..
i wear a moschino blazer
and by the bedtime
i can perform 'constipation blues' better than mr screamin' jay ever could himself


  1. you crack me up! Yes to your stinky cheese obsession. In all forms. All times of day. Thank you very much. Yes to the blazers. I just wish it wasn't so darn hot here! If its a yes to all those things - than maybe its a yes to Jay Hawkins as well... must go find out who this Jay fellow is...

    1. oh, you should totally check him out, starting from said 'constipation blues'.. and you've heard 'i put a spell on you' billion times for sure (maybe not his original version, though)

  2. you fairy princess, fixing toilets in your pink party frocks (erm, was it the cheese?) then swiftly switching to dashing alter ego (i love seeing your beautiful face close up!), bring all your personas over to kalkatroona and i'll fix you up a stinky cheese board like you wouldn't believe.

    i adore your floating bow tie!

    1. i'm on my way, lady.. just lemme change to my leopard print alison first, 'cause i bet we gonna enjoy our cheese by the pool

  3. divota....i divota smrdljivog sira