Monday, May 28


dress - very easy vogue v9253

i got this dress pattern last december
my friend thelma brought it for me
when she was visiting for holidays,
and i planned to sew it as soon as possible,
as i planned to sew billion other stuff..
but then it turned out i'm pregnant
so all sewing plans were abandoned, 
mostly because i was nauseous 24/7
and couldn't do pretty much anything at all, let alone sew
started feeling better some time ago
so i finally can sew a bit every now and then..
but, since lots of my clothes still fits
and i don't really see the point of sewing maternity clothes
i've been mostly sewing for others
(meaning, sewing stuff to sell in my store
as months of non-sewing have made an even bigger hole
in my already non existent budget)
so, this dress is actually a first thing i made for me this year
(well, second, if you count a refashion that took 20 mins)
and i'm so happy to have something new to wear finally
as nothing beats that feeling 
when you put your brand new dress on
and then strut around the town like you own it
i made size m, but next time i'll go a size smaller
or even two sizes smaller,
as my dress turned out huge all around
so i had to take it in a lot..
but i love it, it's an easy sewing project
very simple but looks fabulous in the end
no wonder that the pattern is insanely popular
what i liked the most is the fact i did not have to make 
any real changes to the pattern,
and the dress still fits my 25 weeks pregnant body
with plenty of room for my belly to grow..
while i don't plan to sew any strictly maternity clothes
i do like the idea of making garments that are going to look good
on pregnant and on regular body,
so i can wear them again, once the baby girl is born
(which should happen at the beginning of september)
my sandals are handmade also
my husband made them for me
they're very comfy and i couldn't love them more


  1. Congratulations!! I really like your blog and all the beautiful garments you sew and also the way you let your readers know about the changes in your life. I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Hey congratulations on your pregnancy! Very exciting for you. I love your dress and if that pattern was ever available I'd buy it too. Always it's out of stock. I LOVE the sandals... what a handy, generous husband to have!

    1. thank you <3
      i hope you're going to find the pattern, as it's really fantastic one.. i've already made 2 dresses from it, and am about to finish 3rd one today

  3. You look absolutely amazing! It’s such a great pattern ♡. Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    1. thanks :*
      it is a fabulous pattern.. i'm thinking to try making a romper, by pairing top of this pattern with some burda shorts

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! The dress looks great too. I can recommend the Named Kielo as a maternity friendly style as well.

    1. thanks! i've been thining of makind something similar to kielo = planned to alter some burda pattern to geet similar look, as i'm too much of a cheapskate to pay for kielo pattern :D

  5. I can only assume that piece of pavement levitated when it realized the PERFECT OUTFIT was standing atop it. (ps: go Nikola!)

    1. ehehee! it kinda looks like i'm levitating, and i haven't even noticed that until you mentioned it! great eye, sis!
      and nikola is the best, i'm already plotting what should my next pair look like.. gonna have to make him some shorts and shirts to 'pay' him back

  6. Congrats! I agree making maternity specific is a waste of time, but making things that will work either way, or are good too for nursing, is a fun way to stay sewing :)

    1. thank you :)
      plus now i get to sew all the little girl dresses :D

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