Wednesday, December 7

gray drape dress

dress - gathered back dress (burda #109, december 2015)

i've made couple dresses from this pattern before 
and i wear my mocha version a lot
but there is something slightly off about those pleats..
maybe it's a drafting mistake
but they look kinda bulky in almost all the versions i've seen,
regardless of fabric choice, 
and pull in strange places..
and if you try wearing cardigan over the dress
gathers make it look like you have a back hump
but i love the overall fit
and actually like that extra fabric at the back,
just not the bulkiness of the pleats,
so, i came up with an idea to change the back
into a cowl drapey thingy
to achieve that, i simply cut fabric in straight line
from one high shoulder point to the other
while i was cutting back of the dress,
it must be easiest pattern 'hack' ever,
and then i finished that new neckline with bias tape

my modification also simplified construction of the dress
as pleated version requires hand stitching
(to secure neck facings to the dress)
bonus photo is shoulder seam, from the inside
i like how  bias tape and front neck facing look

next time i might try cutting convex back neckline instead of straight
i guess it would make for a better looking cowl 


  1. I love tht back cowl and it looks so comfy to wear

    1. thanks.. yeah, it's really comfy one (and warm too, as it's made out of wool)