Monday, September 12

not so little LBD (and few tops too)

i'm all about simple things lately
simple silhouettes, simple lines, simple fabrics,
minimal jewelry, bold lipsticks (and a bitchface, apparently)

(with occasional smile)

first i've made a top, two months ago.. 
white one with black dots, 
that you can see in pics below..
pattern is from may issue of burda magazine (#111)
and i loved it, so i made another one
and then wore those two tops repeatedly
like i have no other items in my closet..
then it hit me that i should turn that pattern into a dress
and make my dressing up in the morning even more simple
no need to think which pants, shorts or skirt to wear with one of the tops
just put a dress on and call it a day..
it can't get more simple than that
(unless you're in a nudist camp in high summer
and dressing is totally unnecessary)

also made these pants
(trusty burda 07/2011/#102
first time in jersey fabric)
should make more of these too

so yeah.. i have my summer shit figured out
now only if summer would last forever



  1. I am forever inspired by your creativity and in awe of your talent. And your haircut- total perfection!

  2. These are all lovely! I hope you get some more sunny weather to wear them!

  3. Love these tanks, and the dress is so elegant and chic. Beautiful job!

  4. *noted for next summer, which is about 8 months away for us Canadians*

    You should be in the dictionary under "effortless chic"

  5. Love these tops and especially the lines of your dress, fabulous!

  6. Love the detail of how the strap is connected at the back! Great work as always :)

  7. I love these! We are coming into summer here in New Zealand and I have just traced this pattern. So nice to see your versions :)

  8. What a gorgeous dress! The perfect LBD (long black dress) You look really chic and very elegant :)