Thursday, March 5


shawl - boneyard, west knits

last few months i'm crazy about knitting..
made few hats and shawls,
my first ever sweater is almost finished,
and i have bunch of new knitting projects on mind
i chose this simple pattern
as my knitting was a bit rusty
and because i wanted to practice a bit
to get tension right, before i dare to knit a sweater
my boneyard turned out a bit wonky
as i had to switch to different needles halfway through it
(i was so impatient to start knitting
and used regular needles to start my shawl
because i did not own circular ones in right size..
and then i kept knitting with them
until there were too many stitches for them to hold, 
when i finally got circular needles.. 
but those i got were one size bigger)
wonky or not, i really love how it turned out
i like how simple it is
it drapes beautifully and is really warm
wool i used is 60% wool and 40% cotton
(white strand being wool, and deep purple one cotton)
i got big cone of it 
so there is enough left to make few more shawls and hats or even a sweater
i'm quite impatient when it comes to sewing
and hate sewing anything by hand
so it's a bit strange to me that i enjoy knitting so much
especially those simple repetitive patterns..
but from some reason, i really enjoy making same moves 
over and over and over again

i've also tried cross stitching last autumn..
my grandma thought me some embroidery techniques 
some 20 years ago
(i still own a pillow case with few embroidered cherries and leaves 
i did in satin stitch, ages ago)
but i haven't tried anything similar since..
well, not until few months ago
when i realized i really enjoy embroidery too..
and that's how this cute little skull came into being


  1. Pretty! I have an orange boneyard in progress. Love Stephen West's designs and work, what an artist.

    1. thanks! i bet orange boneyard is going to look gorgeous, makes me wanna knit another one :)
      i love stephen's work too, his designs are so bold and different

  2. Is there anything you can´t do??!! I love knitting too, but knitting doesn´t love me back :(

    1. i can't crochet :D and my knitting and stitching abilities are just basic, but i guess i'll get better with time (if the next shiny thing doesn't distract me from all that handwork)

  3. It looks so cosy - I love the white and purple combo. I would be up for knitting this myself if my patience for knitting wasn't non-existant!

    1. it's super cosy! i'm thinking of knitting another triangle scarf, but a bit more complicated one.. i've discovered that knitting calms me down, like some sort of meditation (i'm usually quite unpatient person rest of the time)

  4. Oooh, I love the color combo of your shawl! I'm knitting a sweater right now in a wool/cotton blend, and it's really nice- breathable and not as hot as 100% wool, which is nice. I've never enjoyed repetitive tasks, but for some reason I can knit and knit and knit... it sort of frees your mind to think about other things, and it's a nice way to feel creative and productive when you're too tired for other things. I've never really been into shawls (honestly, it seems like one more thing for me to leave behind at a bar or on the subway when I'm not paying attention! RIP to so many gloves, hats, and sweaters lost in action), but this one has me reconsidering!

    1. yeah, same here, i can knit and knit and knit.. and i even think it frees my mind totally, when i'm really into it, i stop thinking about anything, it's totally meditative.. i deffinitely do not need any more shawls or scarves, but screw that, i started a new one today :D and have many more on mind