Thursday, July 11

on signature looks

shirt - self made
skirt - vintage, flea market find
heels - peacocks

 had an interesting conversation with my neighbor
the other day, 
about personal styles and fashion
and how differently people express them
he knows exactly 
what he wants to look like -
what type of pants and shirt and shoes 
he needs, to achieve that special style
so, when he finds a perfect pair of pants
or a perfect black shirt
he buys not one, but two or three or more
so, his closet is pretty much few items
over and over again
sometimes, when he travels
that gets him into strange situations
cause people think he wears 
same shirt and pants day after day after day
my neighbor is a comics artist
maybe that explains his personal style
as all of the characters in comics
usually rock one outfit all the time
whatever the reason,
 that conversation we had
really got me thinking
about my signature look
and about my closet
and how many dresses do i really need?
and if i were a cartoon character
who would i be?

how fabulous is the print of this shirt?
with all the cars and trees and buildings
and crosswalks and stuff..
oh, and shirt has an older cousin
a pair of shorts, all the way in land of kalkatroona 


  1. Love them colours . . . Fab ensemble.

  2. The print is gorgeous. And the colour on the skirt is bright and fabulous! I likey!

  3. Lovely look! So bright! Wonderful colors. I always admire the people who essentially create a uniform for themselves and wear it day in, day out. Seems so easy and efficient - but I'm far too tempted by the next pretty thing to be that way myself!

    1. thanks, sallie.. that's pretty much how i feel about it.. it's kind of brilliant to have an everyday uniform.. and kind of crazy at the same time :)

  4. That's a great thought. I love to change clothes but I definetly have a signature look: a vintage shaped dress in any kind of flowery fabric (wouldn't that be yours as well?).
    By the way, I really like your new shirt with the cute collar.

    1. thanks, pauline.. yes, it is my signature look as well :) and i kind of try to leave an open space for experiments too, to try something completely new and out of box every now and then

  5. Hmmm... vidi se da stripove uglavnom crtaju muskarci :). Zena - super heroj bi, ako je pravo zensko celjade, imala mnogo trikoa, u razlicitim bojama, sa razlicitim dezenima, i u vise modela. Sve to ukombinovano sa adekvatnim cipelama i nakitom!

    1. hehee.. mozda bi bilo drugacije da ih crtaju zene.. mada, u pravu si, moja omiljena strip heroina je modesti blejz, a ona definitivno ne nosi uvek istu odecu :)

  6. What a fun outfit, your shirt is just gorgeous and teamed with that vibrant pink vintage find? You are a knock-out

  7. Love this. Too brilliant for words.

  8. SIS!!! you made the perfect item out of this print, and i love the way the dashes mimic a curved expected, you knew the way to rock this. i may have to reshoot my shorts with hot pink accessories.

    my nan used to tell me to buy three of anything that fit well. i never thought anyone actually did that...

    1. :) glad you like it, sis.. print is a killer, this is my favorite shirt ever! can't wait to see those shorts of tours