Tuesday, April 26

minimal picnic

on me:
skirt - self made
sweater - zara
flats - novecento
belt - vintage
bag - vintage
embroidered  coat (in my hands) - istanbul bazaar 

on nikola:
owl hoodie - made by me

minimal picnic
for two people
and two easter eggs
in my country
there is no easter bunny 
people paint boiled chicken eggs
crash them
and eat them
and that's it
i do not consider myself 
a religious person
i just happen to like eating fancy looking eggs


  1. Looove your outfit!! Amazing colors!! And that owl?? You made it?? WOW GIRL!!! Can you make one for my boyfriend, too? :)))
    Xoxo, K.

  2. :) hvala k
    pa da znas, mozda bih i mogla