Monday, June 20

les capris

top - self made
capris - self made
hat - grandma's
wedges - non branded

i don't like pants
at all
only time i do wear them
is when i'm climbing mountains
and when i work at some archeological site
the other day
i got a phone call 
saying there might be some excavation starting soon
so, i decided i need a new pair of pants
and here is what i came up with yesterday
this morning
the impossible happened
i felt excited about wearing the pants
and i still wear them
(might as well sleep in them tonight
that's how much i like them)
now i think it would be a sin
to ruin my precious capris kneeling in dirt all day long
so i have to make one more pair


  1. those are awesome pants. I guess if you have to wear them, it's good to have such a cool pair. Also, the reunion dress is gorgeous, and I like your hair in the post before that one, and the sunflower dress is really cute, and those wedges that you're wearing in all of them were a great find! I'm too lazy to comment on each thing in it's own spot, so here's one mega comment.

  2. Cool pants- you will work in them? Brilliant. So you don't have to wear khaki and army boots?

  3. meli - hehe, thank you for your lovely comments.. you're waaay too kind
    ever since i bought those wedges
    i wear them every single day
    always do that with new things i like :)
    they may not look too comfy, but they are
    don - hehe.. not sure yet.. if not in this pair, then i gonna make new pair using the same pattern.. maybe striped would look good.. but i'm quite sure the very best choice would be a pair of drop-crotch pants in your style (though i might make them in lime green, or some other loud color)
    .. and.. converses instead of boots..

  4. i am not a fan of pants.

    but, like the color black, i see one of your creations and i'm in love, and now i must have pants.


  5. hehe, seems like les pants fever is contagious
    i fear for my well-being, 'cause i feel like i must have one more pair
    dammit indeed