Thursday, July 14

salvage dress

dress - self made
clutch - self made

green stripey part
used to be harem pants that i made
but i was not satisfied with those
black and white dotted part 
used to be a dress
balloon dress
that made me look like a troll 
needless to say i was not satisfied with that neither
the lace was trim of one very nice dress
one that i made for my friend's wedding
fabric of that dress was gorgeous 
but insanely cheap 
two hours into the wedding party
my dress started to fall apart
first i had holes under my arms
then it turned to more and more holes
damn dress for sure was not satisfied with me
this dress i like
even if, according to my mother, my ass looks huge in it


  1. if i wasn't so hot i would be yelling with laughter.

    this dress is all kinds of win, lady.

  2. Personally, I love dresses that make my ass look huge. Just saying. I think your dress is lovely, and you look beautiful in the pictures. Way to be thrifty and super talented. I second Oona's win comment.

  3. if it wasn't so hot i would be able to think of something smart to reply.. (all that beer and vodka from last night doesn't help neither).. so, all i can think of is thank you, ladies :)