Wednesday, August 31

find.. wash.. rewash.. freeze.. rip.. cut.. sew.. wear

'dress' - vintage skirt worn as a dress
blazer - flea market, altered (a lot)
belt - vintage
wedges - no name

i had something different planned for today's post
then i found this blazer i bought some time ago
poor thing was in horrible shape
when i found it
in nasty pile of one flea market stand 
it was wrinkled insanely 
a bit wet, 'cause it was raining
and had that smell of naphthalene mothballs 
so i washed it
and then froze it overnight
(it does sound a bit crazy, but it works 
if your goal is to get rid of odd smell and mites..
and i'm allergic to dust mites)
and then i forgot all about it
found it this morning
and this amazing color forced me
into few hours of seam ripping
cutting and sewing
i guess teal can force me to do just about anything

1 comment:

  1. I love that teal color and it looks amazing with your red hair!