Monday, May 28


dress - very easy vogue v9253

i got this dress pattern last december
my friend thelma brought it for me
when she was visiting for holidays,
and i planned to sew it as soon as possible,
as i planned to sew billion other stuff..
but then it turned out i'm pregnant
so all sewing plans were abandoned, 
mostly because i was nauseous 24/7
and couldn't do pretty much anything at all, let alone sew
started feeling better some time ago
so i finally can sew a bit every now and then..
but, since lots of my clothes still fits
and i don't really see the point of sewing maternity clothes
i've been mostly sewing for others
(meaning, sewing stuff to sell in my store
as months of non-sewing have made an even bigger hole
in my already non existent budget)
so, this dress is actually a first thing i made for me this year
(well, second, if you count a refashion that took 20 mins)
and i'm so happy to have something new to wear finally
as nothing beats that feeling 
when you put your brand new dress on
and then strut around the town like you own it
i made size m, but next time i'll go a size smaller
or even two sizes smaller,
as my dress turned out huge all around
so i had to take it in a lot..
but i love it, it's an easy sewing project
very simple but looks fabulous in the end
no wonder that the pattern is insanely popular
what i liked the most is the fact i did not have to make 
any real changes to the pattern,
and the dress still fits my 25 weeks pregnant body
with plenty of room for my belly to grow..
while i don't plan to sew any strictly maternity clothes
i do like the idea of making garments that are going to look good
on pregnant and on regular body,
so i can wear them again, once the baby girl is born
(which should happen at the beginning of september)
my sandals are handmade also
my husband made them for me
they're very comfy and i couldn't love them more

Thursday, March 15

year seven

this year is having such a lazy start
that i almost forgot to write my yearly round up post
but here it is, couple of days late..
in year seven since i started sharing my sewing over this blog
i made my favorite piece of clothing ever

and discovered i can sew and rock a pair of skinny jeans
(kinda got late to that party.. 
at this pace, i'll get to sewing my first culottes
some time around 2026th)

i've also made couple of dresses for myself

but frankly, i spent most of the time
sewing clothes for other people..
which is totally fine
as i don't really need any more clothes
but i do love sewing
so this way i can keep doing it
without making my closet burst


made bunch of blazers, of course
i never seem to get tired of this oversized blazer pattern

but made everything else too
(was lazy to look for pics of the swimsuits
but i've made more than 20 of them past summer)

also, together with nikola (aka my husband)
i've made bunch of backpacks..
they're pretty much all i've been sewing past couple months
as i haven't really been productive..
but i hope to change that real soon

oh.. made a few bags too
almost forgot about those..
this one is my favorite

other than sewing
i've been knitting a bit..
finished one blouse (no good pics of it)
and couple hats..
started working on stonecutter pullover
by brooklyn tweed..
i loved knitting it, and finished front pretty fast
only to realize i won't have enough yarn
and there is no way i can find that particular colorway again
so.. yeah..
been pretty bummed about it for some time
but.. it is what it is
bought new yarn, in brick red color
and i bought a lot of it :)
so i'll try again, eventually..
 hope i'll be able to frog my previous try
and use that gorgeous yarn for something else

other than that
i've been baking a lot..
so we ate a ton khachapuri

and my sourdough bread baking has improved a lot

we've traveled to our very belated honeymoon to georgia
and climbed mount kazbek

although i only reached 4800m
(summit is at 5033m)
but it was a great adventure nonetheless

i fell in love with city of tbilisi

also, we climbed some mountains in herzegovina

and in december i visited zagreb with my girlfriends
and had the most amazing time

all in all, it's  been a good year..
now, lets try making next one even better

Saturday, December 30

skinny yeans.. and more

skinny jeans - burda 03/2014/#115
mustard top - burda 12/2017/#111
white tee - basic instinct, free pattern by sasha of secondo piano
vest - burda 08/2012/#137
blouse (under vest) - burda 02/2015/#128
b&w sweater - burda 10/2015/#109

i made jeans.. well, two pairs actually..
third is on the way, if i ever make a decision 
about what thread color to use..
still don't believe that i've made jeans though..
not because it's some big achievement, 
and i'm super proud of myself
it wasn't a hard thing to sew them actually..
but i haven't wore jeans in over a decade
never owned skinnies in my entire life
and have no idea why i suddenly decided i need a pair.. or two.. or eight..
and from some reason, all of a sudden they are all i wanna wear
so i actually wear them all the time
(like you'll see from all the pics in this post)
first i made a purple leopard print pair
that i somehow failed to properly photograph
so you can't say they actually have normal length
and don't just end bellow my knees
so.. yeah.. i made jeans.. and it was a really fun thing to do..
i don't have a twin needle, 
so i had to do all the topstitching one line at a time
and i found that process to be very satisfying
(also, i kinda suck at keeping even distance between two lines
but i couldn't care less)..
i used triple straight stitch for topstitching
and regular polyester thread..
made these in size 38, with zero changes
and they fit like a dream
if i do say so myself
i'm a bit annoyed with print placement of my black pair
as there's that strange piece of cheetah's but
that looks really odd 
and is sadly placed to drew attention to my crotch area
but i only noticed it once the jeans were over
and there's nothing i can do about it
(other than maybe trying to color it black somehow)
also, back pockets look a bit crazy
because of the print, and all the poor cheetahs being 
cut in awkward places
but i can't be bothered to remove the pockets
so i'll have to live with that
small complaints aside
i really love both pairs
and have been wearing them constantly..
my usual wardrobe was mostly leggings and oversized tops
but with jeans i can actually wear shorter tops
as there is no need to 'cover my but' for decency
so now i have billion more ideas for new tops and blouses
mustard colored top is made in wool jersey fabric
i made size 36, and the only change was 
to make it some 5cm shorter..
it's very simple pattern, but ruffles make it look kinda special


also, i've made basic instinct tee in white viscose jersey
it's free pattern from amazing sasha of blog secondo piano
and i'm really digging it.. 
i made it in size s, and only change was shortening the sleeves a bit..
i love the relaxed fit of the tee
and have already made another one in black jersey
and have many more planned once the weather is warmer
(as now i really should start working on my new coat)

made a vest too, from the same pattern i used 
to sew my blazer from last post
it's actually sparkly and silvery irl
not just gray as these pictures suggest..
love this pattern, and i'm sure i'll make it again at some point

this is my favorite version of chunky sweater so far..
i've lost count on how many of these i made
as i'm  making them for my shop
non of them was actually for me..
but if i decided to keep one, this would be the one..
plus i've made such a perfect bitch face in these shots
that i simply had to share them ;)
i've also been making backpacks lately
in collaboration with my husband who's doing leather parts
but i'll share them another time
as this post is already too long
wish you all a very happy and healthy new year
and see you all on the flip side!