Monday, August 29

belated party guest

dress - self made
flats - zara
clutch - no name

i do like to be a bit late to a party 
to skip the odd part
when peeps are not relaxed yet
and tend to be quiet
but, this is the first time
i know all the booze is gone
so don't you worry, oona
i'm bringing vodka and grapefruit for me
tequila for yourself
and cherry brandy, just in case


  1. wow your dress is so gorgous really!!! i love the colour and shape and everything and the best thing about it is that u made it by yourself!!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. thank you, mary lou.. and welcome to my blog :)

  3. oh HAI party girl!!! what a FABULOUS dress! and how thoughtful of you to bring dessert!

    *cherry brandy*

    better late than never, especially when bringing booze and an outfit as such. don't get too drunk, you may find your ensemble has mysteriously disappeared.

  4. Skoro sam otkrila tvoj blog, super mi je :) uopste nije moj stil ali tvoji tekstici koji prate kombinacije su mi genijalni, ne znam zasto, kratki su ali nekako zanimljivi i oraspoloze me :)

  5. oona - thank you, lovely lady.. i might just bring one sequin dress for you too, as a b-day gift, so i'm safe from flying over oceans in my underwear
    jovana - hvala na lepim recima.. drago mi je da ti se svidjaju moje baljezgarije na bantu engleskom.. dobrodosla si u svako doba :)