Saturday, August 27

hello class.. i'm your new teacher

bow tie shirt - self made
skirt - flea market
flats - zara

these pics were taken
over a month ago
before all the trips
i was pale
and had 6 kg more then i do now
i gonna fade to pale pretty soon
hope evening jogging gonna save me from the rest


  1. i just caught up on all your travels... it seems you've found the cure for your neutrals disease. your purple dress is stunning! i'm still in the land of black and white!!!

    so, how did you do it? did you call up this former version of yourself, and give yourself a talking to?

  2. it's not out of my system yet.. i'm still working on one last neutral garment.. and have made few more of those (gonna post them in next few days).. but yeah, i'm on my way to recovery.. i've inherited some colorful unfinished projects from old myself, and that cured me pretty much (wait to see the bright blue dress i just finished, and refuse to get out of)
    look forward to see your black and white miracle.. i love love love black and white combinations