Tuesday, August 30

excavation pants, take 2

top - self made
pants - self made
shoes - flea market

this pants supposed to be 
my new excavation 'uniform'
but they were too nice to be ruined in dirt
so, i decided to make a new pair
but.. i forgot that i should use fabric
with some stretch in it
so.. this is quite possibly 
the most uncomfortable pair of pants
in whole universe
but they deserve a post
after all
i spent hours making them


  1. u did really a great job on both pieces, i actually hate sewing pants, i dont know why but always end up sewing a new dress instead ;) but i like your pants and the top is also fabulous!!!
    love and kiss,mary


  2. thanks, mary lou.. i kind of like making pants, i just don't like to wear them :)