Friday, August 26

special places

capris - self made
shirt - newyorker
flats - zara
bag - no name 

couple days of our trip
nikola and i have spent in his hometown
on this very day
we took a walk through the woods
he wanted to show me a very special place
where he and his friends 
had their indian camp
back in their childhood days
very special place it is
i could almost see them
sitting around a camp fire
talking 'bout slaying cowboys
smoking a cigarette someone stole from father
pretending it's a peace pipe



  1. I love these pants with a passion!! the print is so HOTT and the style fit WITH Pockets!! LOVE EM! did you use a pattern? if so WHAT. I want some :) to make for myself.. they would be so perfect for this weather here on the beach!

  2. oh, i love them too, these are the only pair i really do love (i'm not really a pants type).. i made them using burda magazine pattern 6/2010, mod 105)