Tuesday, August 23


maxi dress - self made
hat - china town

i always loved jellyfishes 
(or medusas, as we call them here)
they look strange and beautiful 
and move so elegant
like dancing
now, let me tell you something about 
my relationship with living creatures
no matter if i like them or not
they hate me
i end up bitten or burned or hurt in some other way
almost every time
for example
once i woke up with almost 30 different bites 
on my legs and stomach
that wouldn't be so strange
happens to me all the time
but this very time
nikola was in that same bed
and woke up without a single bite
i always wanted to visit africa
if i ever menage to make that dream true
i would probably die of malaria within days
but.. back to jellyfishes
lovely summer day on the beach 
golden sand 
and lovely foaming waves
just a perfect day
then i felt
something burned my neck
and it started to hurt 
so i went out of water
(ok.. i screamed first
and cursed a lot)
then it got worse
my throat started swelling
breathing become harder
and my head felt really weird 
i ended up in er
got two shots 
and was fine within half hour
doctor was drinking beer
so i thought he is the right guy to ask
can i drink when i get out of er
yeah! he said, quite enthusiastic 
so i did


  1. You make the best maxi dresses.

    I have never been stung by a jellyfish before. My husband, however, is stung every time we swim in the ocean. Poor thing.

  2. my boyfriend is like you, gets stung everytime. That's very good for me, since I sleep next to him, I'm mosquito free :)
    where do you buy your fabrics btw? I love them all. I can't get my hand on quality fabrics (with nice prints) for a decent price