Saturday, August 13


maxi dress - self made
hat - china town
bag - dunno.. i have it forever

i live in, what some people call
third world county
that, i guess, mean
that we are third class of people
dreaming third class dreams 
living three time less important lives 
this year
i left first world holidays to 
more famous first world bloggers
and head to bulgaria
to enjoy third world style
and guess what
we had a blast
sea is still the sea out there
even if it's called 'black '
sand is still sand, warm and soft
only booze cost less


  1. your thoughts are as vivid and complex as your perfect outfits.

  2. I've spied on you over at BurdaStyle, and this is my first visit to your blog. So thoughtful and beautiful. And I, for one, would love a Black Sea holiday :)

  3. thanks girls :)
    it's nice to be back.. and be able to talk to you again