Saturday, August 6

evolution of a swim suit

skirt - flea market
swim suit (warn as a top) - self made
hat - china town

here i am
wondering trough crumbling hills of eastern serbia 
on my way to a lake
(bonus pictures are from a walk
from a town 
where my parents live
for past few months)
there was lots of swimming going on
in this past couple of weeks
i swam in a lake, river, creek, pool, sea, spring
while my swim suit evolved 
from full one peace
to bikini
to topless 
to nothing
 jellyfish tried to kill me
that's another story


  1. Ah, I wish I lived somewhere where my bathing suit could evolve too! But I think I would be kicked out of the community pool if it did that :(

  2. hehee.. wouldn't go topless on community pool neither.. but sea beaches are ok.. or nudist beach.. or you just find some creek in the middle of nowhere, and let it evolve :)