Sunday, August 28

dress fairytale

dress - self made
flats - women's secret
bag - vintage, flea market

once upon a time
lived one fat lady
that owned one blue house dress
with all kind of flowers printed on it
fat lady loved her blue dress
if dress tear up a bit
fat lady darn it by hand
then one day
fat lady died
her family piled all of her clotes
(blue house dress included)
by the dumpster
gipsy lady walked by the dumpster
she took all of fat lady's clothes
and the next day tried to sell it on the flea market
that very day
i was walking through the flea market
in order to cheer myself up
i was a bit blue, you know
and there it was
big blue house dress, with all kind of flowers
printed on it
so i took it home
and turned into this blue dress
i saved the pockets 
i saved the buttons
fat lady would be very proud of me
if my blue dress end up by the dumpster after i die
please save it for me
make a lovely blue dress 
for your little girl, or dog.. or doll maybe


  1. super ja haljina, bas mi se svida heh e a i prica :D , ovde su buvljaci poprilicno skupi, nedaju nista jeftino :D . al moram prosvrljat malo :D .

  2. i heart this story. i heart this dress. especially the ending (literally!).

  3. matea - hvala na komplimentima.. ovde su srecom buvljaci bas bas jeftini (ova haljina me kostala manje od jednog eura).. a nisu ni popularni, ljudi radije kupuju nove stvari u radnji nego prljave i stare stvari od cigana..
    oona - thank you lovely oona.. you know i heart every comment you leave

  4. where did u get this amazing fabrics??? and yes the dress was a burda pattern of may issue, i changed it just a little bit on the backside. i think every graphic pattern goes well with it!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. mary lou, i got my fabrics in local store.. or, as here, i get some old dress at flea market, and make clothes out if it.. it's cheaper that way

  6. Beautiful dress, beautiful color. You look great in it. I invite you to my blog.