Monday, December 26

maroccan fringe

coat - self made
cardigan - no name
bag - no name
boots - air step
belt - peacocks
beret - handmade by my aunt

this is my favorite dress ever
i have it for 10 years
never got tired of wearing it
i love this pale pink color
with a bit of shine from golden threads woven in
i love the fringe neckline 
it was my mom's dress
she got it as a gift
from her maroccan ex boyfriend
(one that she left for my father)
back then it was a long sleeved maxi dress 
break-up turned it into short sleeved knee length one
p. s. 
happy holidays to all of you who celebrate these days
(holiday season over here is just starting to heat up
'cause we celebrate christmas in january)


  1. That's a really pretty dress! Love your boots! Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Best wishes for the season. You look great!