Sunday, January 8

10 days later

skirt - vintage, gift from aunt
top - self made
cardigan - newyorker
heels - newyorker

these pics were meant to be posted
before new years
but i had couple of parties to attend
and then headed to the mountains
to spend holidays with my family
and then with nikola's family
a bit more south
and i forgot all about it
(easy to do when you have no internet access)
so.. 10 days later
here i am
still up in the mountains
with my belly stuffed with christmas food
using my friends computer
while he is tattooing some pagan gods
on some other friend's back
it's snowing for days
i'm about to go sledding
hope you all had terrific holidays
happy new year
and marry christmas to all 'local' readers
(christmas in serbia was yesterday)


  1. merry christmas mokosha!

    i hope you found some booze to make the sledding warmer.

  2. I love the color of that top. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. oona .. thank you, my friend.. and bonus thank you for including me in your top five, i was so flattered and excited when i saw that.. oh, i found booze, found so much of it that i can't even move today.. this evening sledding is off.. btw, still waiting for your address, so i can send you this fabric i was talking about some time ago
    amy .. thank you :)

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