Sunday, December 4

patiently impatient

coat - self made
dress - no name
lace trimmed slip - self made
heels - newyorker

i'm patient enough 
to spend hours solving sudokus
or digging up skeletons with a tiny brush
or sitting by the water with fishing rod
or going up and down the mountain 
patient enough to spend 7 full hours
making a coat
(plus a solid hour cutting out 54 tulle petals for rose brooch)
and then leave it button-less for days
cause i'm not that patient
when it comes to hand sewing buttons
or ironing hems
patient enough to kindly smile
when i got asked
why the hell do i wear a lettuce head
stuck on my coat


  1. I love your letacce head. And I adore this coat.

    I have a shirt dress I made almost a year ago that I've never worn because I've never made buttonholes on it because I don't want to. It would take ten minutes. It feels like too much work.

  2. LOVE THAT LETTUCE!! thats so funny! I was just thinking that I absolutely love the color combination of your whole ensemble! That little POP of green is stunning against your ravishing red hair!! @ least you finished your coat!! I haven't even printed out the pattern yet! LOL Did I say how glad I am that you're back?! :)

  3. You undoubtably have the most awesome collection of coloured tights. I'm loving these blue ones. And I loath sewing buttons on too. Lovely coat :)

  4. Čudovit plašč! Všeč mi je kontrastna podloga in to, da si opustila pas. :)

  5. thanks ladies.. might just make few more lettuce heads now that i know they can be likable.. a head of lollo rosso perhaps

  6. Your colors are so beautiful, mokosha.

    The lettuce is yummy and so is your coat! Which pattern is it?

  7. thank you, redbee
    pattern is from burda magazine
    9/2010, mod 101