Friday, December 9

the things we do for blog

dress - self  made
belt - peacocks
boots - air step

i have to admit 
these pictures are one big fat lie
it's not spring time here
nope.. it's fall
not even a pleasant fall
it's pretty darn freezing outside 
real december, you know
so what the hell am i doing
walking around in silk chiffon dress?
beats me!


  1. You just give and you give. This is lovely.

  2. you got me blushing, lovely oona
    i have some of that silk left
    might just send it to you
    to share some dress love :)
    you in?

  3. well, lovely mokosha,
    i am ALL in...
    and you are project of le week
    over at burdastyle!

  4. that's fabulous, lovely oona
    mail me your address then
    and it might just get there on time
    to be le christmas present for you
    was at amazing concert last night
    thought i couldn't be more amazed than i was already
    then i got home and logged on burdastyle
    and front page just blew my skirt up
    (and i just happened to wear that very dress at the moment)

  5. I love this dress and all the things you sew! Your blog is very beautifull, like your style.

  6. thank you, mathilde
    you are too kind