Thursday, December 8

autumnal obsessions

skirt - self made
blouse - flea market, altered to fit
heels - newyorker
beret - handmade by my aunt

if you follow my blog for a while
you may have noticed i easily get obsessed with things
i all of a sudden develop some strange fling
and become really obsessed
(i'm seriously thinking of turning that into weekly posts
like some bloggers have '10 things i like' or
'tuesday remixes' or 'makeup wednesdays'
i should have 'monday night obsessions')
some flings are good ones
like healthy eating and jogging
replaced with weeks lived only on pizza and vodka grapefruit
or my excavation time obsession with beer annihilation 
everyday swimming for a month
then everyday sewing for weeks
then days of homemade pies
days of ice skating grand prix
days of top gear tv shows
(and i don't own a car.. i don't even know how to drive)
and days of nothing but llosa books 
late autumn and winter time
is always about movies
first it was spaghetti westerns
then old musicals 
and when i say obsessed i mean obsessed
i mean find and watch
every damn spaghetti western movie
and over 50 musicals
my newest fling -
woody allen
i always loved woody
but right now
 i am so frigging obsessed with him
that i'm a proud owner of every film he ever wrote or directed
i even hooked nikola on woody madness 
it's become a daily routine
every single night
we make our living room a tiny cinema
and then quietly disappear in woodyland


  1. in your beret and dots, you look like a woody allen film (the cool kind, you know what i mean?).

    i love your obsessions. they're so VARIED.

  2. I wish I had obesessions as interesting as yours :)

  3. varied is too weak word, i'm afraid.. they're all over the place.. they have mind of there own.. and i can't do nothing about it..
    anna, i'll be more then happy to lend you some of my obsessions, you'll do me a favor if you accept that :)