Wednesday, March 28


jacket - self made
skirt - vintage, gift from a friend
top - no name
flats - tally weijl 
bag - flea market kitsch 

you know that feeling 
when there is a billion things on your to-do list
so you better move your ass
and move it fast
and do something about that
but instead
you do nothing
but slowly sip coffee
and dip cookies into it
and sip more coffee
and dip more cookies
and think of flying 
and wonder what that sleepy fella next to you is dreaming about?
that's how i feel right now
and i'm not about to move my ass
any time soon


  1. Wow, I love that jacket! I think I need to go creep on burda now to find out more...

  2. You just described me. Right now. Hahaha... ooohhh... enough blog reading... better get a move on!

    The jacket is incredible! I might have to mosey on over to burda and check it out! Love the blue and orange - very complimentary!

    1. you and meli gave me the idea.. maybe i should link the clothes i made to my burda account, for all the sewing peeps

  3. sve je odlično ali očajno trebam još koju sliku tog savršenstva od torbe!

    1. ahaha.. dogovoreno, ima da je uslikam samo za tebe u nekom sledecem postu.. retko ruzna torba hehe, ali je savrsena u tome i ja je obozavam :)

  4. that outiit just got more and more amazing with each shot... and then you described the very morning i'm having.

    shall we spike our coffee with a little irish cream and get our asses in gear? i for one have to add "orange wool jacket, striped top and blue skirt" to my to-do list.

    1. that's an excellent idea.. i may use rum instead of irish cream, though..

  5. No need to do anything, as you can cross "making a stylish, fun and cute jacket" off your check-list.

  6. Great jacket! I love the fact that it´s orange, it´s my favourite colour and always cheers me up... but I´m such a chicken I never sew anything in that colour.
    Your posts are poetry!

    1. thanks.. you should totally sew something orange.. it's not that hard to wear orange, really.. yellow, on the other side, is really not my thing

  7. swoon, orange. you've inspired me to finish the knit orange coat hanging in my wardrobe.

    1. oh how i wish i have enough time (ehm.. patience) to knit myself a coat

  8. Wonderful colors!
    I've just discovered your blog and I'm following you now!

  9. Oh goodness. I would love a morning like that. The closest I've come is when my cat, Brother Cadfael, cuddles up against me. He just wants food, though. But I pretend.

    I love this jacket. I also deeply love that skirt. I wish I had thought to put those two colors together. Why are you so much better then the rest of us? It's awkward. Sigh. I'm going to go torture my cat with love now.