Wednesday, March 7


skirt - self made
blouse - self made (for sale)

there is one strange building
in my neighborhood 
it’s fancy and shiny
a bit off the way
and i never ever for my seven years here
have seen a single person going in or out of it
just a sense of motion..
one day curtains are set a bit different than the day before
today i decided to take my pics
behind the strange building
it started with frustration
someone was whistling to me
and i felt odd
first couple of pics i took were horrible
i couldn’t set the lighting
and my face was like i just ate something sour
and then
black audi came
guy parked it some 20 meters away
and started  staring at me
first i was ok with it
there is a car wash down the street
i though he is waiting his turn
15 mins later
he is still staring
now it’s getting awkward
now i start feeling like i’m  in a bad action movie
now i start asking myself what's going on in that building
so, i pack my things up
and leave
but not the way i’m supposed to
(that way i have to walk by the black audi)
but around the buildings and trough the bushes
and when i finally reach the street again
some 300 meters below my starting position
black audi is gone
(and is not in the car wash, i checked)
now you tell me
should i contact steven seagal
to go with me
next time i go out to take my outfit pics?
or should i go for jean claude van damme instead
note the blouse print
pink flamingos, palm leaves and philodendron leaves
i'm even dressed like bad action movie hero


  1. I can´t decide whether I like your pics or your story better. You are so entertening! (apart from putting together great ensembles)

  2. Call Jean Claude Van Damme. Or John Wayne, if you want to go retro. But call someone, because no creeper should interrupt your photo sessions.

    And the shirt, and the skirt, are both fantastic. Insanity in the best possible sense. Gorgeous.

    1. oh i would love john wayne to go with me.. and young clint eastwood.. definitely not steven seagal, he might start singing one of his horrible songs..

  3. I love your choice of different prints here - I really need to work up the courage to do something like this! Love it.

    1. you should do that.. i love mixing prints, it's really fun

  4. Your story is priceless, as always. Now I see why you're jealous of my isolated locations XD
    This shirt is so you! I love the constrasting striped, especially the little belt!

    1. on the other hand, your isolated locations are possibly crowded with wild animals..

  5. I really love the outfit, so nice!

  6. haha koja prica,heeh,filmska sacekusa ;))) hehhe
    super ti je kosa,i suknja i bluza

    1. reci kakav sam paranoik.. komsija i ja smo kasnije razvili teoriju da se u toj kuci nalazi laboratorija kristal meta hehe

  7. Ooh Salme patterns had that skirt pattern for sale on Etsy. Your version is pretty cute too.

    1. no need to waste money on patterns.. it's basic pencil skirt with one long gathered rectangle that creates peplum.. easy peasy