Friday, March 30

beans fashion

dress - handsewn by my mom, back in 1981.
jacket - self made
belt - peacocks
handbag - flea market
wedges - no name

two things that are going to mark
next couple days of my life -
fashion week
and beans
belgrade fashion week is starting tomorrow
i'll be there again, doing all kind of silly little things
+saying - "i can totally make that" way too often
(and "wtf is this?" equally often)
at the moment i'm quite excited about all that madness
that fashion week is
not too excited about the beans
you see.. i love beans
that's why i decided to have it for lunch today
we all love beans
so.. i decided to make a lot of it
so guys won't need to cook for a day or two
while i'm away
then my parents stopped by
and they brought one big pot of baked beans for us
so we don't need to cook for a day or two
now we don't need to cook until may
and we gonna produce more gas than a very active volcano
(fashion people - be on alert!)


  1. Ha,ha! I like your ensemble and I like all your funny stories. What amazing tights you have. Where do you get them from? Have fun at the fashion week and tell us all about it!

    1. thanks.. my tights are from terranova..
      i gonna take my camera with me tomorrow, but i can't promise i'll take any pics hehe (i'm always busy with something, so i fail to take a single shot)

  2. Hehe!! Beans are always good for a good gas joke! Fashion week sounds exciting! And exhausting! Have Fun - and get lots of inspiration!

    Your double breasted jackets are incredible!! I love the colors you've been sporting too!

    1. it was a bit too exhausting, especially for the first two days (i've been there for 14 hours per day (!?) that's a bit insane hehe).. i'm so glad fashion week is over :)

  3. Hahaha, the easy jokes are the best sometimes. Well, at least the boys have something to eat...

    Please take photos. I would love to take a peak into Belgrade Fashion Week. I"m selfish that way.

    1. we still have some beans left.. and, bunch of beans jokes in between

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  5. super je kombo, pogotovo sto ucestvuje mamina haljinica i divna torba sa buvljaka :)

    1. :) nisu li uvek najbolje stvari iz maminog ormara

  6. I adore this outfit, your mum's dress is beautiful and the jacket is perfect!