Thursday, June 30


bow tie blouse - self made (for sale)
skirt - self made (for sale)
wedges - no name

watched moschino spring/summer 2011 collection
like billion times
i'm crazy about every single garment
(and they are crazy too, each outfit costs
few thousand euros)
i spent that much on clothes
in past 10 years i think
so.. nope.. no moschino for me
at least no real one
but how you like my moschino inspired look?


  1. Nice! That collection really is wonderful...
    What material did you use for the shirt?

  2. i used rayon (though we call it viscose here).. it's navy with small apples print (but looks like white dots on these pictures)

  3. I thought it was polka dots! gosh, little apples are even more adorable!
    Can you take me fabric shopping with you, please? :)

  4. hehe.. deal, that would be so much fun.. but until we are able to do that, you should check out where they have stores in italy, since it's italian company

  5. How sad is it that they don't have stores in Italy? :O
    That's it, I have to come visit!

  6. hehe.. then you are welcome to join me for shopping any time :)