Tuesday, June 28

club tropicana

top - vintage
skirt - self made
belt - peacocks
flats - zara

..all that's missing is the sea..
have one more dark secret to share with you
not about moustache man this time
but one strange fear of mine
ever since i was a kid
i believed that people in buses can read my mind
(only short distance buses though, 
city buses in particular)
tried with non-thinking when i ride a bus
but it somehow always fail
in the end i've found a solution
 most of the time
when i'm in a bus i think in english
not too much of evil bus mind readers understands english
that's for sure


  1. oh super i ti imas komentare u drugom prozoru pa mogu komentirati! jer inace ne mogu ..bas mi se svida tvoj stil i blog! pratim te! :)

  2. hvala matea.. i dobrodosla :)

  3. Jedan od najboljih tvojih outfita...preeedivno mi je ovo!!! Love, love, love!!
    Xoxo, K.