Thursday, June 16


halter top - vintage
skirt - flea market 1 euro h&m
belt - peacoks
bag - flea market
flats - aldo

in case you wonder
where the hell am i
well.. i just got back
from past
and i had a blast
this time
reason for time traveling
was high school reunion
so.. i went back to my birthplace
back home
(i do not live there for 10 years
but still do consider it the home)
stumbled upon some old letters
(real letters, if you still remember those
handwritten on paper)
back in elementary and high school
i used to write and receive tons of those
was looking for something else
and.. surprise! here it was
pile of old letters
carefully tied together with a string
needless to say i read them all
they made me laugh
and grin and smile
made me think of me, 15 years ago
how i felt, what i liked, what i feared
made me sad
'cause i couldn't remember
some of the people who send those letters to me
made me wonder
what i wrote back to them
made me wonder
where are these forgotten people now
have they forgotten me as well
emotional time traveler i am
expect more of that to come
with whatiworetoreunion post


  1. Coccinella? Do you speak Italian? :D
    That skirt is gorgeous!

  2. hehe.. only by accident :)
    i thought it's latin
    i love the skirt soo much
    could not believe it was so cheap
    and in my size too

  3. oh right, I forgot it's the same in Latin!
    so it was one of lucky finds... It hasn't happened to me for a while, but my favorite thing is when I find super inexpensive but beautiful fabric; isn't that the best?

  4. yupp.. i agree, it is the best (and i hope it's gonna happen to me tomorrow, 'cause i'm going fabric shopping :)
    was more than one lucky find
    this flea market visit left me with five lucky finds
    i got two perfect skirts, a clutch, vintage pocket watch and a shirt for nikola
    all that for total cost of 6 euros

  5. hello ladybug! i thought you'd scratched your travel itch.

    can't wait to see what you make...

  6. nope.. still unscratched
    and i'm afraid it gonna stay that way for a while
    right now i have lots of free time
    but no money
    next month things gonna change
    i might have some money
    but will be busy all day long
    so it's gonna itch badly :)
    might need to go to india to recover from it