Friday, July 1

purple ginger

top - no name
skirt - self made (for sale)
sandals - novecento

made ginger ale the other day
(never tried it before
but i found the recipe online
and thought to give it a try)
i hate it
maybe i screwed it up
how can i know
dunno what it's supposed to taste like
i drink it anyways
(i believe it still might be one of these things
like olives
that you hate first time you try them
and a bit later you can't live without)
one more thing
starts today
visit me if you are around


  1. odlicna majica

  2. What pattern did you use for your skirt? or do you self draft all of your patterns?? I love it!

    1. i used pattern from burda magazine, you can find it here: