Sunday, June 26

take-away fashion, warm up

blouse - self made
skirt - self made (for sale)
wedges - peacocks

i'm in a sewing frenzy again
is starting this friday
so i have few more days 
to sew everything i planned to
(yes, i had a month to do it
but i somehow always end up
doing everything in last couple days
or hours)
have a lots of new skirts to show you
but with nikola away
i'm having quite a hard time photographing them
 (he is coming tomorrow, though
so stay tuned)
i don't like these photos
at all
but i also don't like standing on a street
with tripod and no remote
walking back and fort 
looking like a lunatic
and getting funny comments
so.. good ol' ugly terrace it is
and unwilling assistance of one grumpy brother

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