Friday, October 2

summer bits and pieces

there are three lakes at the edge of nikola's hometown
and this summer
instead of traveling abroad
we bought an inflatable kayak
and went to explore them
lakes are artificial 
created on river uvac
when three hydroelectric power stations were built
they are pretty narrow and pretty long too
perfect for paddling
needless to say we had the best active vacation ever!
we would explore one lake for couple of days, 
then deflate kayak
pack it up and hike to the next lake
and do it all over again..
now if i only can sew us some warm paddling outfits
so we can go paddle all year round


  1. Wow this looks beautful! I think it's great to explore close-to-home. We'll definitely be doing more of that next summer too.

    1. it truly is beautiful! i should explore close to home more often too..

  2. that's a stunningly beautiful place :)

  3. that looks positively stunning. hope you had a great vacation :-)

  4. Kayaking is so much fun! (and so much tough work, well.... *^-^*)
    You can knit warm sweaters and pantyhose, and hats, and shawls, and gloves!....

    1. soooo much fun! but as we don't have a real kayak, this one easily fills with water, so if we're to paddle during cold weather, i need something waterproof (and something wooly and preferably hand knitted underneath hehe)