Tuesday, October 13

golf course dress

dress - bodice: burda magazine 01/2012, #114 (modified a bit)
 + half circle skirt

found this printed cotton twill with golf course print
and no matter how crazy it looked
i just had to have it
since the print is pretty insane
i chose to make a really simple dress
and tried to eliminate as much seams as possible
so the skirt is cut as one piece..
and it ended up being way too short,
but no way i can fix that now
struggled a bit with how to cut the bodice
and not end up with one of those sand traps
creating funky paramecium-like patch on one of my boobies
and accidentally ended up with 'hole' positioned right where my heart is
(while two guys and their golf bag
are standing suspiciously near my crotch area..
so.. it ended up being kinky dress instead of funky
and has a bit strange opinions on
 how should a way to woman's heart look like
or at least where it should start)


  1. Ha! Love it! So fun and whimsical. And I see nothing wrong with a short lil dress!

  2. I love this! And you can totally pull off that shortness with those boots :)

  3. Ah, those boots. I love them. You can totally pull off this length. Cool fabric!

  4. That fabric is so cool- I really like what you did with it. It's the artsiest golf dress I've ever seen! Also, maybe the only one I've seen.

  5. You could always add a border to the skirt, if you want more length.

  6. oh, now THAT is the coolest thing ever!