Wednesday, October 7

high neck

dress - burda magazine 10/2015, #111

don't remember that i've ever before waited
for new burda magazine to hit the stands
as with this issue..
few minutes after i got my copy
i was in studio, tracing pattern for dress #111
fabric is a remnant box find
some sort of rayon blend, with a bit of stretch
and it actually has two good sides
(the other side looks like a negative of the one i've used)
i've already traced and cut the pattern
when noticed that stretch is lengthwise
not crosswise, as i thought
but was too eager to start sewing
that i decided to ignore that fact, and go with it anyways
so the dress ended up being a bit snug at the hips
(if i ever make it again
gonna go a size bigger at the hips
or chose the fabric that stretches in right direction)
not being a fan of waist tucks
i turned them into double pointed darts
which simplified the look a bit


  1. Very cute! I recognised the pattern but your version seems much more summery than Burda's. Amazing what a difference the fabric makes.

    1. glad you like it :) i really loved the shape of the dress.. chose this fabric as it's actually quite thick, so i thought it's gonna help the neck to hold shape better (so i don't have to use interfacing), and it worked pretty fine.. but i like gray burda version in boucle, would like to try making one similar, maybe with sleeves

  2. You look adorable in this dress. I actually prefer your version that Burda's!
    Great job!

    1. thanks, merche.. i like it more tuck-less too :) i sure don't need extra poofiness added to my beer belly :)

  3. I love your fabric!
    I've been thinking about this dress too, but I may use the top part of it since recently I like the skirts to be less snug. Food for thought for me. ^^

    1. it's such a cool fabric, and such a shame i did not use the both sides somehow..
      i dunno what's wrong with me, never wore snug skirts before, but for last year or so, i'm all about them