Sunday, November 27

roasted devotion

dress - self made
lace trimmed slip - self made
beret - handmade by my aunt 
boots - air step

i am not a big fan of autumn
after color burst is gone
it's all cold and dark and sad
makes me wanna be a bear
and sleep until it's done
roasted chestnuts makes me
change my mind about that
every single year
holding that hot paper cone stuffed with roasted chestnuts
with hands red and frozen from the wind
and eyes a bit watery from excitement
is a sacred moment for me


  1. i too would rather be warm and sunning on a beach somewhere. love and warm wishes. and delicious roasted nuts to you!!

  2. I love the dress! Did you draft it yourself? Also, those boots are fantastic

  3. thanks, meli..
    it's burda magazine design
    from august this year
    it's real pain in the ass dress to make
    but i guess it worth it
    i'm loving it now :)

  4. Beautiful dress. Sewed last similar to Burda and is lined with a big challenge for me. Is shown in my blog.