Sunday, November 20

on fairies and westerns

gown - self made

this beautiful fairy
is my friend ana
she might seem familiar to you
'cause she is a younger version of my friend nina
and you've seen nina on my blog before
wearing some of my creations
this beautiful gown
is my medieval mumbo jumbo costume
and i'm not planning of being a princess any time soon
ana is an actress 
and she does plays for kids
she is a pirate and a fairy
and a proud owner of this gown 
and new pair of wings 
she is not a cowboy
not yet at least
rest of the post title
has nothing to do with ana nor gowns 
it's about my newest obsession
i somehow developed a huuuuge crush
on clint eastwood and spaghetti westerns
(not this 81 years old clint
but the one from the 60's and early 70's)
in my favorite movie so far
in first 3 minutes of the movie
clint manages to get shaved, kill 3 guys, 
smoke a cigarette and rape a girl
and with uninviting cold and foggy weather
and me being home alone
obsession is running wild
i'm seriously close to opening booze bottles with my teeth
and sleeping in my boots