Friday, November 18

autumn breaks

dress - vintage laura ashley, from flea market, reconstructed
belt - vintage
heels - peacocks

i had an amazing two months 
while i was away
been digging some late bronze age site
with amazing gigantic pottery
(and sadly not a single skeleton)
then did some medieval excavations
met some new friends
discovered few amazing new places
and one great little lake
drank a truck of beer 
or maybe two
read many books
hung out with few silly goats living in our backyard
and mastered minesweeper
life is waaay different out there
kind of slow
and for months i see the same people
every single day
work with them
live with them
eat with them
drink beer with them
laugh and fight with them
we always live in some small village 
after couple of days one get to know everyone living there
when i have a day off
and come back home
it's kind of frustrating at start
i get on a city bus
and not a single face is familiar to me
it freaks me out a bit at first
two days after i got back from excavations
belgrade fashion week started
and i was working in the backstage
change was surreal 
from digging through medieval trash 
in the middle of nowhere
to zipping up pants and dresses of unknown people
surrounded by mass hysteria



  1. Mokosha! I missed you so much!
    I'm glad to know that your excavation went well and I know the return to civilization must be tough, but you're so lucky to be part of Fashion Week!
    a big hug <3

  2. i'm so glad i'm back, anna.. i missed blogging sooo much.. and missed your blog and all the blogs i love (been not only without internet, but without computer for months, just got myself a brand new one).. lots of catching up to do now :)
    fashion week is always a lots of fun.. and for me, even the stupidest backstage job is better then front row, 'cause you get to see all the clothing and the way it's taillored, to touch it and see the fabrics and little details that you miss on runway
    not getting too used to civilization though, i should go back to another excavation pretty soon.. though it's damn cold, so i'm not looking forward to that :)

  3. MOKOSHA!!! So glad you're back! missed your rhymes and fashion excellence! So happy you had a fun adventure! remember we can learn from our history to write the future!! LOVE :)


  4. wow girl this sounds like an amazing adventure you lived!!! you have to tell mor about it here!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. Great to see you back, although I'm sure you had a wonderful field session from the sounds of it! I would love to see something you make that is inspired by your bronze age discoveries.....

  6. hooray indeed :)
    Another Sewing Scientist - well.. that's a great idea.. i never would have thought of that.. although, i think oona would came up with better idea.. i might just suggest it to her and her next oona does it

  7. you wanna know what's weird?

    you have become a fortune teller as well.

  8. then i guess you gonna make it, lovely oona.. can't wait to see what you came up with.. and i can foretell you right now - it's gonna be a masterpiece

  9. wow,

    what a pendulum your life is. Are you a gemini?
    Love your total gen y fashion look, and girly is the new black, so go for it.

    Thanks for popping by my bloggy.