Tuesday, April 5

new coat (and a dress)

made a new coat (01/2011, #126)
that was on my mind for over a year
ever since i saw that beautiful coat that marusya grace sewed last winter
i've used deep purple wool and navy napa leather
violet stretch satin for lining
and a lot of hand sewing..
usually i prefer to sew everything by machine,
but since this is a super easy project
and fabrics are more luxurious than those i usually sew with
i decided to take my time and 
pay attention to the details and finishes
instead of rushing everything as i would normally do
so, i assembled the coat and lining using machine
and than finished everything else by hand
lining attaching included
(some of that work was totally unnecessary
like securing all the seam allowances
using some sort of an invisible stitch..
but it looks super nice, so i'm glad i did it anyways, 
even though it's now covered by lining)
front edges and bottom hem are left unfinished
the wool won't fray
and the coat looks way better this way
that narrow strip of leather at the back of my neck
is covering seam allowances of the shawl collar
so it looks neat on the both sides

loved working with leather
even though i do not have all the equipment needed
so it was a struggle to sew it..
and now my head is buzzing with ideas
for future leather projects

dress is from march burda issue (#119)
and i've been living in it ever since i made it


  1. Excellent! I love how you've paired the warm pinky purple with a cold blue-purple lining, the colours are lovely together. Are the sleeves lined? This is such an exciting coat!

    1. thanks.. i used two more different shades of purple for the coat, as i couldn't find the "right" shade of thread :) but they don't show up in pics, luckily
      yeah, the sleeves are fully lined (wrong side of the leather is super sticky)

  2. It's stunning. I love the colour's.

    1. thanks.. i love them too, they're slightly unusual together, but it kinda works

  3. You did a great job on the coat, it looks so neatly done! Even if we cannot see the inside seams you know you made them properly and that's what counts. I'm always happier when I know I treated the fabric with attention and I wouldn't be ashamed when somebody saw the inner side of my garments. *^v^*
    I've been thinking about this dress but I'm afraid it's not my style at all... I like it on you, yet it might just hang in my closet unworn and unloved.

    1. thanks, glad that you like it.. i should do this kind of 'slow sewing' more often, it does feel really good to have a garment that is finished really neat..
      it's a nice dress, maybe you can give it a try.. it's really comfy one, not all of my dresses are, so i wear it a lot :) plus, if you don't like it, you can always turn it into something else (it's basically made from two large rectangles, so can be recut and reused)

  4. This is awesome! I love the color combination, and the drapey silhouette paired with the tighter leather sleeve. Great textural pairing too.

    1. thanks, sallie.. glad you like it :) i like the look of tight sleeves (they may not be good in the middle of winter, as they won't fit over bulkier tops or sweaters, but for the transitional period, they do the job just fine)

  5. Gorgeous color combo! I love all the variation on blue and purple, dress included!

  6. I like your coat! The colour is great.

    I sewed this dress (as a oversize top) and i LOVE it. This is my version: