Monday, June 6


finally got around to posting some pics of the shirts i sewed recently
all made using my currently favorite pattern
burda 02/2015/114(113)

navy-white one, that my friend sandra is modeling
is my latest version
it's made in rayon challis
so it's super comfy, and great for hot summer weather
(that kind of makes it up for misprint
and the fact that i turned the fabric upside down when i cut front pieces)

pink lipstick printed one is in some sort of poly crepe fabric
that i lined with white rayon challis
(to make it opaque, and also more comfy against the skin)

last one, that is also my favorite
is made in crazy printed silk
(dunno what kind of silk
as i got it from remnant bin labeled only as 'silk'
but it's lightweight, slightly transparent
and sews beautifully)
and, even though i wear this one the most
i failed to take a decent pics to prove it
so, this blurry instagram shot is all i have for you

it's a shapeless, rectangular design
so it's not a pattern for everyone
i realize that most people do not like this type of
'shapeless sack' dresses..
but i love them
shirt is really oversized.. like really really oversized
so, even though i wear size 38, i sewed it up in size 34/36
and skipped adding an extra piece of pleated fabric
at the center back 
that would make it even more oversized
and it's still a big shirt..
but it's big in a cool way :) to my eye, at least..
so i might just sew few more
and live in them until fall


  1. The shirts look easy to wear and the fabrics are great! :)

    1. thanks.. they are really easy to wear, i like that they can be styled up and down

  2. Since I'm in my big shirts period I obviously love the three of them!! Thank for reminding me of this pattern and the sizing advice, I would probably skip the back pleats too...

    1. glad you like them.. i am king of interested to see what it would look like to make one with back pleats (but, this way i can squeeze one out of 1.5m of fabric, pleats would require at least 0.7m of fabric, so i probably won't try them..

  3. You carry off this style so well....definitely cool on you.

  4. I love these! All of them, but especially the navy one. I don't think I could pull off the shape as well as you two do, but I'd like to try. I'm actually sitting here looking at a Mccalls shirt dress that is a similar shape, just not oversized.

    1. you never know until you try one one :) you might like how it fits you.. or not.. one friend of mine once tried a similar dress i made, and that friend is one of those super hot chickas, with all the curves in the right places, one that makes all the heads turn when she's walking down the street, and looks great in everything.. and that dress looked totally wrong on her :D so, one never knows

  5. I don't remember the pattern from the magazine but I love your versions. Very stylish.

    1. thanks.. magazine versions are a bit different, one that cought my eye in the first place is made in some silver fabric.. wish there is more silver fabrics in stores here :)

  6. i'm actually getting into these sack dresses, and yours are making me jealous :)

    1. don't be jealous sis, you can make one of these in less than 2 hours, with 1.5m of fabric :)

  7. So so rad!!! I love this shape, and these look absolutely perfect for summer.

  8. love these so much ... why don't I have one? - it's a mystery!

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  11. I like these a lot too! they seem to be in the same line as controversial harem pants however they are super comfortable and look very modern and stylish.