Thursday, March 17

sweater no.2

knitted another sweater..
not as happy with it as with sweater no.1
i planed to make it quite oversized 
and light gray, with really long sleeves..
but i made a silly mistake
of not buying enough yarn
in my defense, i asked them if they have more yarn
 in that shade in stock,
and lady in the store said they have plenty
and plan to order even more during the winter..
two weeks later, i used up all the yarn i had
and when i wanted to buy more
it was out of stock in all of their 7 stores in belgrade..
so i called the shop in my hometown
and they told me they have one skein left
so i had my aunt buy it and send it to me..
and when it arrived, i realized it's wrong shade of gray
and that's how the two toned sweater happened
since i needed two more skeins for what i originally planned
and had only one
had to abandon the idea of really long sleeves
and the sweater ended up being out of proportion
like some oddly shaped dress with three quarter sleeves
but it's warm and cozy and i wear it a lot
so it's a keeper anyways
as with the sweater no.1, i freestyled the knitting
it's simple shape, knitted in round
with 2x2 rib for hems
and seed stitch for body and sleeves
note to self: next time knit sleeves in flat and sew them up
as picking up stitches and knitting sleeve in round
is a pain it the ass

oh.. and as you can see, i got a pixie cut and i love it
makes my life way easier


  1. That it's a gorgeous texture!

  2. Sweater...cute, new hair....even cuter!!

  3. LOVE your new hair! And I like the color and the texture of the sweater!

    1. thanks.. i'll still have to make my ideal oversized sweater, but until that happens, this one is fine too :D