Friday, September 6

summer bits and pieces

so this summer
we climbed mountains in montenegro

and hiked

and walked trough the magic meadows

we got soaked to the skin
and spent entire day by the fire
drying clothes and tents and sleeping bags
(and accidentally brewing soup
with slivovitsa instead of water!)

we spent an amazing weekend in the countryside
babysitting the piggies
meet: spotty, pirate, white one and black ass 

miss kitten was very eager to help us stacking the firewood for winter

her brother, mr kitten was more interested
in scaring the shit out of big cat
(grandma's cat is the most cowardly cat i ever met
he is terrified of cameras too
therefore no pics of him this time)

we also met the vulture eagles..
nikola is working as a park ranger
and one of his duties is to take care of the 
huge number of those wonderful creatures 
these fellas are in aviary 
which is a large 'flight' cage
where injured birds are living
until they get well again

oh.. and we hand picked tomatoes
and all the other veggies
from that handsome garden that nikola's parents have
it's such a cool thing
to take a morning walk to the garden
instead of my usual morning walk to the farmers market
and then handpick all sorts of veggies
i might need for that day

these are my grandma's cacti
they are blooming like crazy!
i can't get one to bloom
if my life depends on it
but grandma has some mad gardening skills 

baking, on the other hand
is totally my thing
and these are plum dumplings!
plum is national fruit over here
and now is a plum season..
everyone is traditionally making their own slivovitsa 
(which is, strangely, the only alcoholic beverage i can live without)
in case anyone is interested
i can write a post on how to make those dumplings
(i'm actually thinking about adding baking posts to my blog
for quite some time now
so, this may be the right time and place to check 
if anyone is up for that)

ok.. over and out
have one more weekend of traveling
and plum picking ahead of me
and then i'm back to sewing and regular posting


  1. Looks like great holidays! And yes, do tell us how to make plum dumplings! They look yummy and I love baking, too!

  2. Oh my, your summer looks amazing. I'd love to see some baking posts. I am a terrible cook but baking is the one thing I don't suck at it. And I love to eat baked goods, too! Ha!

  3. Oh my god, I love those dumplings. My Serbian mother makes them. When I describe my love of plums covered in dumplings then fried in breadcrumbs to my English friends, they think I'm crazy. Great to be reminded of the recipe, especially as I have I have a big bowl of home grown plums in my kitchen!

  4. I've enjoyed your blog for some time; baking posts will only make it better! These plum dumplings are beautiful and they look delicious.

    It looks like you've had a marvelous summer.

  5. Oh yummy! I love those type of dumplings - had them over in Hungary. I'd love to learn how to make them! :-)

  6. awww, kittens!! so cute! I would love for you to show how to make plum dumplings, they look delicious :)

  7. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous summer holiday you've been having!! How very lovely! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. What a great, natural holiday! Oh, yes, write that recipe for us...Those dumplings look delicious!

  9. Your summer looks magical! And plum dumplings? I'd love to learn how to make them - baking posts are very welcome :)

  10. i felt like i spent summer with you. that was awesome.

    i'm a yes for baking goodness (especially baking with alkyhol)

  11. I would love to know how to make those dumplings! They look beautiful ant tasty.
    What pretty and fun pics of your adventures!

  12. those dumplings look fab and I would love the know how to reproduce them !! glad you've had a good summer x

  13. I'm not going to be very original, but a "how-to-make-plum-dumplings" post...? Yes please!They look yummy!

  14. Wowzer, what lovely photos! I'm so glad you've had such a fun summer! I can't really imagine what soup made with slivovitsa would taste like, but my guess is... not good. I've had grape rakija, but never plum. And the plum dumplings look AMAZING! I feel like I can almost taste them!

  15. I am most certainly up for you sharing delicious baked treats! And now I want to go hiking and play with piggies.

  16. I have friends who bring me a 7-up bottle full of their mama's slivovitsa every summer when they come back from Banja luka...I make it last until the next year. It is plum season here on the research farm too, but I just eat them.

    Maybe I could try some plum dying of fabric?

  17. Thanks for sharing these incredibly beautiful photos.